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Give me a cake, I'll design you a kitchen

If your kitchen could emulate the dish that means home to you, what would it look like?

After a busy move from Adelaide to Perth 18 years ago, for the first time ever, I didn't have time to make my daughter her birthday cake. It being her 10th birthday, and me being a frustrated pastry chef.. I had to find something special!

Well, we found @rubyspatisserie and discovered that some cakes just need a spoon! Their delectable Strawberry Shortcake became a birthday tradition for our little family of two.

So in 2018 I designed a kitchen that feels like Ruby's Strawberry Shortcake. A kitchen for baking cakes .. and for sharing cake.

And this week I've brought this kitchen into 2021, because my daughter grew into a woman that brings me my favourite patisserie eclairs from Ruby's every year!

- So now it has to look like eclairs, too

How to design your dream kitchen? I always start with food.


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