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Context is Absolutely Everything - Style vs Trend

Creating style vs trend, equals an exercise in applying context. It simply needs to make sense.

The time limit of a trend is created by being just outside of making sense. Without a story, only a time stamp is created.

There have been rumours that AI may take over the architectural world.. though it currently appears we're still a long way off from Artificial Intelligence applying context, and deciding our game play.

Unless AI is hiding incredibly contextual humour while it plans a take-over... I, for one, welcome our new AI overlords... (end quote 'The Simpsons')

Exhibit A:

Excerpt following from an article by Patrick Caughill: 25th May 2017 published in Futurism -

An AI Just Created and Named New Paint Colours, and They’re Hilarious

- Would you put one of these on your walls?

Janelle Shae, famous for using neural networks to come up with Death Metal band names like “Verk” or “Chaorug,” or cake and cookie recipes featuring novel ingredients like horseradish and chicken, has programmed software to create new paint colors and give them names. The results range from nonsensical to hilarious while also circling around terrifying.


..if you know of anyone that needs some 'sandbork' or 'mown poupe' in their lives - dob them in.

A perfect example of timeless style can be seen in this story, and the images below.

The Ship Inn Stanley, Tasmania - Gorgeously demonstrating applied context.

- stylists, Lynda Gardener & Belle Hemming, Victoria

Astounding work 👏🏼 🌟

*Haymes Paints: Refuge 7 & Minimalist 1


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