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"The problem and the solution with spaces, is they steer how we feel and behave. Until it makes you buzz, it's not resonating with who you are.


Turning all that you are into form and aesthetic, we witness a sparkle in your eyes, and a sense of belonging in your heart.


What makes me buzz, is when function and character together, inspire aesthetic ingenuity, for a fundamentally human purpose. 


Design is peak when it's remarkably natural, and context ensures it's ageless." Tanya

Words spoken to describe Tanya

Hue's Design Director

Hi! I'm Tanya Cheary, and I was born into a family of engineers, carpenters, musicians, & artists, in the pretty city of Adelaide.

Taking a daytrip into such a city in 1979, meant being dressed in your best ribbons, and frilly socks. The dark pavements left black scuffs on Mary Janes, but gold glints reflecting in the concrete of the high-rise carparks had me forgetting my feet, as I spun in captivated circles, wondering at the detail.  

Warm chandeliers over Axminsters, marble staircases leading to bronze, velvets, leathers and smoky timbers, informed you were in for a memorable experience. Arenas furnished glamour. Malls hosted live performances.

The older I get, the more I see how the thought applied to  this city, shaped my yearning to create experiences.

Adelaide's planning received global attention, attracting highly skilled designers & craftsmen into the project, as the first city purpose-built for leisure and lifestyle.


I learned Adelaide was a unique experience, with its world renown architecture by greats such as Edmund Wright, E. J. Woods & Walter Bagot, when I arrived in Perth, at 28.


Another 20 years later, I proudly learned my Great, Great Grandfather and his sons, were instrumental in crafting buildings in Adelaide, that still stand today.


The city landscape combines Classic Renaissance, Gothic Revival, Art Deco, & Victorian architecture, incorporating parks and gardens as equal components, to create a space that encourages a conversation with your environment.


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