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Words spoken to describe Tanya

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Hue's Design Director

Hi! My name is Tanya Cheary, and I was born into a family of engineers, carpenters, musicians, photographers, designers, and artists, in the pretty city of Adelaide.

As a city purpose built for leisure and lifestyle, its innovative and people-focused planning was receiving global attention, attracting forward thinkers, and highly skilled craftsmen to be in on the project.. 


It wasn't until I left Adelaide at 29, that I learned its world renown architecture, by greats such as Edmund Wright, Lloyd Tayler, E. J. Woods, Walter Bagot, Latham A. Withall, Alfred Wells, and Henry Butterfield, was a unique experience. 

At 48, I proudly learned my Great, Great Grandfather and his sons, were instrumentally involved in crafting and building the Adelaide that still stands today.


The city landscape combines Classic Renaissance, Victorian, and Gothic Revival architecture, incorporating parks and gardens as equal components, creating a space that espouses the gift of combining disciplines, of planning with heart and purpose, fulfilling our senses' desire to hold a conversation with our environment.  


Taking a daytrip into such a city in 1979, meant Mum dressing you in your best ribbons, knee-high, frilly socks, and a tartan dress. The dark pavements left black scuffs on Mary Janes, but gold glints reflecting in the concrete of the high-rise carparks had me forgetting my feet, as I spun in captivated circles, wondering at the detail.  

Warm chandeliers over Axminster carpets, marble staircases leading to bronze mirror, velvets, and leathers within smoky timbers, informed you were in for a memorable experience. Arenas furnished glamour. Malls furnished live performances.

Adelaide was testament to considered spaces creating timeless experiences, and the older I get, the more I see how it shaped who I am.


About Hue

Developing processes that manage flawless implementation of luxury design, has earned Tanya client and industry respect since 2009. Hue, Designer Interiors is a formidable team of premium trades and professional services, with creative courage. Projects are headed by the design director to ensure a network of cohesion between elements, maintaining the nuance of detail crucial to how the project will translate.

"To me, perfection is when functional components inspire aesthetic ingenuity, to include the person in the equation. ..How it steers movement, and makes us feel. Characteristics that dance with our individuality serve a fundamentally functional, human purpose.

Following her design studies (and making her tech studies  highschool teacher proud) Tanya sought out to learn from the remaining master-craftsmen in Perth, & later from Europe, how to design furniture & joinery with them, to maximise design potential and purpose for longevity, and the human experience.

"I don't do 'home beautiful.' We want people to say 'That is so cool.'"

For a decade, Tanya's unwavering integrity gained her industry roles with both local, artisanal craftsmen, and the top-end arena of luxury European design and sales, including bespoke furniture and joinery, designer furniture, and architectural surfaces, until Tanya grew to realise that just like the cakes she bakes, creative potential is more malleable when you bake from scratch.. and Hue, Designer Interiors was born. 

Tanya's unique experiences in hyper-custom nurtures an expertise in defining exactly what directs and influences how we feel and behave in a space, and why. Tanya's unique perceptions honed in on details that make a person who they are, in order to create spaces for people to feel they belong in.  Further discoveries reside within the scenario where neither seems to like what the other likes. "In this scenario, an 'our picture' emerges, revealing where they connect" 


These unique skills leave clients feeling pretty bad-ass.

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