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OMG the purchase of our house in December and the ensuing massive renovation would have not felt possible without the help of Tanya Cheary from Hue, Designer Interiors.

Thank you Tanya, your gift, vision and patience has been, and continues to be, very much appreciated.

So, for anyone looking to renovate, freshen up your home or would like some quality, bespoke furniture, then we highly recommend Tanya to help you.

Leila & Michael


I would like to wholeheartedly recommended Tanya. She was recommended by a friend after I had a really underwhelming experience with a different designer. She has totally transformed a living space, and we were so happy that she is now working with us once again to revitalise our kitchen and family area. Her ability to find exactly the right shade of paint to work with all our existing furniture and lighting is uncanny. We have also appreciated Tanya’s excellent customer service and communication skills.

Alison & Adam.


Tanya allowed me to play with my ideas and guided me to my most desired outcome. Thank you Tanya. Not only do we have the most amazing conversations about design, architecture and curating delicious spaces, but I would now consider you a friend.



We were lucky to find Tanya from Hue for a colour consult when we renovated our 1960’s bungalow. Navigating the challenges of our restored wooden floor boards, concrete tiles and a modern kitchen, Tanya was wonderful at sharing her knowledge and expertise with colour pairing paint and carpets for our renovation. Highly Recommend!

Matt & Kyna


The process of building a brand new house has endless stressful tasks. Some of these tasks my partner and I felt confident navigating and working out on our own, but other tasks we felt quite uncertain about. One task we felt completely unqualified for was one of the most important tasks: choosing the colours of our interior, especially our interior paints! It felt like such an overwhelming task - where would we even start? How could we possibly discern between all the different shades of paint available, and how could we imagine what our walls would look like based on tiny swatches? All we knew was we didn’t want “just white” walls, but how could we choose colours that would ‘work’? When we found out about Tanya’s consults at Hue, it felt like such a relief! She was incredibly helpful - she was able to help us work out what we wanted (when we weren’t exactly sure!) and help us select colours that would work, taking into account the lighting, space, and other features (blinds, tiles, furniture, carpet, etc) that would be throughout the house. We have now been in our house for a year and we are so happy with our colours. We highly recommend Tanya and are thankful for her services - her knowledge, advice, communication, and professionalism are incredible.

Nadia & Simon.

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