A personal letter from Tanya Cheary Why.. 

I’m a designer because I found strength in creating my environment.

Im almost 50 Ive nver goten to own my own home but Ie helped hundereds with theirs. 

Providing a list of “About Me’s" tends to consistently surprise. 

I’m a twin.. I’m a grandparent.. I’m a metalhead.. I'm not from the UK (apparently I have an accent, but this could be that I'm from Adelaide) I started out on my own - at 15.. I almost didn’t survive domestic violence.. And like most daughters of an engineer, I recently achieved a score ..on the Asperger spectrum.

Only one thing in that list that makes me who I am.. and that is, that I love heavy metal.

Being led to believe the things I love are inconsequential,

stripped me of identity, robbing my power.


 I learned the stuff we love, is our individual affirmation of existence 


So this is the ‘about me’ that I look for in clients, to create their environments.

I find clients building or renovating, who are lost in a world of land-fill retail, directed by builders prioritising profit margin - or by the media, that label styling and DIY as “Interior Design” to promote advertising.


The professional field of Interior Design adheres to regulation, and is as far removed from a home-wares store, as an engineering firm is to a hardware store, existing similar to “Diagon Alley” (If you’re familiar with Harry Potter, and the behind the scenes shops, for real wizards)


This world cares about about longevity, sustainability, and your hip pocket.

So Hue Interior Spaces stays in the field, to open that door, and guide through the Diagon Alley of Interior Design.