To ensure the right decision on selections that will have big impact,

we charge an hourly rate of $145 with a pre-agreed cap and incremental charges, if applicable to your project.

 We've also created Set Consults at special rates. You'll be surprised how quickly everything is sorted with a professional. 


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Hourly Rate* on Design & Development following Initial Consult, with rates variable from $65 to $160 according to task,

plus industry-standard percentage of implementation component, according to project size.

Projects are active following signed approval of a concise outline of expected activity and cost estimate, based on your Initial Project Consult, and following discussion of options, given the information provided. 


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Purchases involving commissions are transparent and there is no charge for services relating to the purchase procurement including colour and material selection. 

Charges apply to bespoke design, drawings and liaison by Hue Interior Spaces  

*Larger Projects extending over a period of time, are charged a lump sum percentage of total cost of project