Design is logistics, the tool, the applied thought, to structure and elevate your life. 

But it's about creating spaces.
Creating experiences. A scheme is complete, only when we've provoked profound mood

Like any discipline,
processes form the magic. 

Start here for truly considered, bespoke furniture, designer kitchen or bathroom designs, and custom living and office arrangements 

Structural enhancements incorporate lighting, displays, mood, privacy and function.

​Initial Design Consults profile to create a plan with initial sketches, and following detailed approval from you, we action that plan!

A change of paint, window treatments,
and new finish selections can transfigure your space. Small changes here and there can make it all look brand new!
Choose from a Mini Advisory Consult or the Creative Paint Consult, for help here.

If you're starting afresh building or renovating, you can book in a Prestart Companion Consult or Renovator Scheme, to assist with basic material interior and exterior Finish Schedules, and builder liaison. 

(To include features/ full project engagement, we offer a retainer / percentage rate.)