When your white paint throws colour..

When we're certain it's the colour but it changes as soon as we paint it on the walls.. shouldn't colouring in be child's play?

It's not you.

Colour in a red square and stare at it for 30 seconds, then look at a white wall, you'll notice a green square appearing right in front of your eyes. There's quite a science to colour selection.

- colour palettes sell choice -

but offer the uninitiated little assistance in choosing a single colour amongst thousands. 

Walls should absorb glare to embrace you, not bounce back in your face to encase you.

Let's get this right first time, creating the perfect canvas for your entire home.  



Create more of a splash!

 A story of colour creates a journey of moods, as does a soft gradient blend of monochromes..

Where can we absorb more light?

Where can we reflect more light? 

a bright sunny kitchen. 

a warm enveloping theatre.

a sophisticated library / study. 

a friendly alfresco.

an inspiring studio.

 a calm retreat.


Your child's personal stamp on their little space in the world.

We can make any favourite colour look great, and keep everyone happy. 

We all love a sight for sore eyes. 

Let's play

up to 3 interior and exterior paints