Initial Design Consults are about you.
The most important details are who you are, how you live, and how you would like to perform and feel in your space. 

We form your comprehensive design profile with initial sketches, so we may structure professional processes for your personally tailored action plan.  

You may desire a truly customised kitchen experience, or bespoke shelving and cabinetry for your living spaces. Structural interior enhancements including bars, fireplaces, bulkheads and incorporated lighting, create moods and lifestyles, and compliment your architecture.
You may need an entire home styling project, uniquely featured into a cohesive whole.  

This consult informs what is possible...



"How can we renew with minimal outlay?
"What does this place need, without overhauling it?

With consideration, just a few changes can make it all seem brand new.. 

This advisory consult offers solutions for spaces that require smaller adjustments to be perfect. 
We will assess your layouts, flow and performance, and how your existing scheme is interacting with each other. We will look at how the space feels, and what mood it communicates. We will look at how the space is influencing behaviour, and directing function. And we will look at what colour, texture and dynamics will uplift existing components.

 Your report will include industry insider recommendations and solutions to dress up and improve your existing space, with layouts.

*additional charges may apply for requested ongoing work outside of specified scope.