Initial Consults are where I learn about you in meticulous detail, and build your comprehensive profile, to apply professional thinking to structure your budget and action plan.  

You may require expertise, to cement and implement ideas, to ensure they work.

You may require bespoke furniture, or cabinetry, to support hobbies and lifestyle.

You may require direction for a blank slate.


You may require someone to take care of things while you're busy, saving you time and money, and just getting it done

You may require all of the above!

We give this the time to get right into the nitty gritty, to provide you with the way forward.


Sometimes we just need a magic touch.​

 "Where can I put some more colour?  

How can I tie this all together?"

"How can we spruce an area with minimal outlay?

You may just need one or two things, but they'll have big impact, like a floor selection, sofa and fabric selection, or new cupboard doors

Access designer colours and materials not usually accessible to the public. 

Or product advice, to ensure quality performing cabinetry, and fair pricing.

This one hour consult is for the smaller projects*

*additional charges may apply for requested ongoing work outside of specified scope