This journey is tailored with an initial consult included, to build your perfect itinerary.

Local industry knowledge and phenomenal product expertise provides a structured playground, to respect and compliment your architecture. 

From swatch to application, years of field knowledge fine tunes specifications specific to your project, so we focus on your desired result.

It's your space to come home to. Let's colour outside of the lines.

Structure your full home canvas within a day. 


Luxury & 3-storey selections

- please book two consults.

Soft Selections & Features Additional



You've a set addenda to work with, but

you know what you want... or at least what you don't want! Most importantly - It needs to turn out exactly as you plan, within parameters. 

Our product experience and personal attention to you, ensures a pain-free journey, with every detail completing a beautiful, functional picture that's all your own. 

Let's have a quick cuppa, first. Our treat.